Standard Stipulations for Weddings at Our Lady of Sorrows.

• Our Fee for Weddings is $1995.00, of which $995.00 is a non-refundable deposit. This deposit sets the date and time of both your rehearsal and wedding. You may move your wedding and/or rehearsal 1 time without incurring a penalty; if the date needs to be moved a second time there will be an extra $500.00 non-refundable deposit for any subsequent date or time change. All requests to reschedule a time must be submitted in writing by email or letter.  Reschedules are allowed until 30 days prior to the currently scheduled time of the rehearsal.

• The balance of $1000.00 may be divided into payments or paid in one payment. The total balance of $1000.00 must be received 4 months prior to the marriage date. Please note this is based booking a wedding a year in advance. Less than a year balance will be adjusted.
• We do not require that you be a parishioner of the parish, but one of the parties MUST be Catholic and both must be free to marry, meaning there are no impediments between yourselves (i.e. previous attempted marriage without an annulment or other issues).
• All marriage preparation and paperwork is done at your home parish (parish you are attending) or the parish boundaries in which you live in.

• We require that you bring your own celebrant (Catholic priest or deacon) with you, to conduct your Rehearsal & Wedding.

•  If you are a parishioner of Our Lady of Sorrows and needing marriage prep you must be registered and actively involved in the parish ministry(s) for more than 2 years prior to your wedding. We can offer marriage preparation to non-parishoners for an additional fee of $300.

• You are given 1 hour for Rehearsal. Doors will NOT open more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. If you are late, we do not add time.
• You are given a 3-½ -hour block of time for your Wedding- 1.5 hours before and 2 hours after the starting time.
• NO- ONE is to arrive prior to this block of time OR remain past this block of time.
• Our Wedding times are Saturday @ 1:30pm or 6:00pm.
• We are able to schedule weekday evening weddings, as long as a rehearsal or other event has not already been scheduled.
We work on a “First-come-first-serve” basis. So whoever gets the contract and deposit to us FIRST, gets the date.

We require your celebrant’s name and information, marriage preparation information, and permission from your home parish to get married here within 1 MONTH of signing the contract or we reserve the right to cancel your wedding at our parish. This deadline can be subject to change if your wedding is less than a year away.

Additional information:
Church capacity by Fire code is 518, the main isle is 7 ft. wide, there are 23 pews per side and pew
height is 3ft. Approx 8-10 people can sit comfortably per pew.

If you would like to schedule a time to book a wedding or want to know if a date is available, please call our parish at 816-421-2112 or email our Pastoral Associate, Brad, at