Lectors must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  They must be able to read well in front of people and speak distinctly to be heard by all present.


  • Attend the training session. 

  • Check for words that you are not sure how to pronounce, instructions.

  • Practice the readings for each Mass using the workbook provided at home before arriving 10 minutes before Mass. 

  • Check the lectionary upon arriving to be sure the book is turned to the right page.

  • If no deacon is present, locate the intercessions to be read.  

  • Must be committed to reading for assigned Masses and if unable, must find a replacement.

Dependable, Friendly, Clear voice. They are reading the words of Holy Scripture, the written Word of God, to the faithful.

Please Contact,
 Stephanie Franke-Ibarra
[email protected]